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Stihl Lawnmower

The RMA 339 and RMA 460 belong to the C-Line cordless battery range.  This range requires an AK Battery (AK 10, 20 or 30) to power the tool and an AL 101 Charger to charge the tool.  Alternatively, the RMA 443 C and RMA 510 belong to the P-Line cordless battery range and these tools require an AP Battery (AP 100, 200, 300 or 300 S) to power the tool and an AL 300 or 500 Charger to charge the tool. 

Cordless Lawnmowers are quiet, lightweight, powerful and emissions free. The cordless lawnmowers are fitted with the long lasting state-of-the-art Lithium Ion batteries (not included in price).

Cordless power has come a long way. This lawnmower is designed to operate in noise-sensitive areas as well as around the house and garden. The new 36 V cordless machine combined with innovative motor and lithium-ion battery technology produces a brushless, electronically controlled electric motor (EC). The power from the lithium-ion battery packs is optimised to achieve a high degree of efficiency and enhance the performance of the machine.