Stihl Cordless Power System

Visit Sunshine State Mowers in Noosaville or follow the links below to view the Stihl Cordless Power System. The Stihl cordless power system delivers a full charge of STIHL. Quiet, lightweight, powerful and emissions free, the cordless power tools allow the freedom of mobility without the limits of a power cord. Whether it's gardening, maintenance or a DIY job, the long lasting state-of-the-art Lithium Ion batteries have the power to get it done.

Cordless power has come a long way. Designed to operate in noise-sensitive areas as well as around the house and garden. The new 18V and 36 V cordless machines combine innovative motor and battery technology with first-class machine engineering to produce a brushless, electronically controlled electric motor (EC). The power from the lithium-ion battery packs is optimised to achieve a high degree of efficiency and enhance the performance of the machine. The powerful lithium-ion battery pack is compatible with all other STIHL cordless machines.

Whether you’re a hobby gardener or a professional, STIHL offers the right battery tool for everyone. STIHL’s Cordless Power System consists of three distinct lines; The AP System which is the Professional range; the AK System which is the compact range and the AS and AI System range.  The AP System is for Professional and Residential users wanting the ultimate in performance.  The AK System and AS and AI System is aimed at the budget conscious residential user and is very competitively priced.

The AS System & AI Line

For Smaller Gardens

Stihl D-Line Range

The AK System

For Medium to Large Gardens

C-Line Compact Battery Range

The AP System

For Large Gardens & Professionals